Food Advocacy


We work to educate the public and offer fun, easy-to-use tools to empower conscientious consumers.

GRACE is a different type of foundation: we have a long history of creating consumer tools, resources and educational campaigns, including our flagship website, FoodPrint; our Seasonal Food Guide; the award-winning Meatrix movies; and the Water Footprint Calculator.

Working directly on the issues we care about enables us to build a richer familiarity with other advocates in the field and a deeper understanding of the time, effort and expertise required to do this work successfully.

With FoodPrint, we aim to raise awareness of the public health, environmental, social, economic and animal welfare impacts of food production, and to give consumers the tools and resources that empower them to take action to push for a more sustainable, just and humane food system.

water calculator.
the meatrix
Seasonal Food Guide