Collaborative Work

GRACE works with funder affinity groups and collaborative networks to develop initiatives and programming that help to ensure a strategic focus on coordination and innovative problem solving. Some of these groups include:


Food and Farm Communications Fund (FFCF)

Established to bolster the communications capacity of advocates for sustainable and just food systems, the Food and Farm Communications Fund aims to support innovative communication projects. FFCF is a collaborative effort between the 11th hour Project, the Christensen Fund, GRACE Communications Foundation and Panta Rhea Foundation.


Global Alliance for the Future of Food

The Global Alliance is an international coalition of foundations committed to leveraging resources to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security and equity. Members share a vision for advancing sustainable global agriculture and food systems in the face of climate change, resource destruction and food insecurity.


Plastic Solutions Fund

With a predicted doubling in production over the next 20 years, the problems from plastics in our air, land and water will become far worse. The Plastic Solutions Fund aims to reimagine and reshape that future. An international collaborative, the Fund aims to create a world in which only truly necessary and non-toxic plastics are produced, and even those are re-used, repaired or recycled. By working together, this group aims to eliminate all non-essential uses of plastics by 2035.


Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF)

SAFSF aims to amplify the impact of philanthropic and investment communities in support of just and sustainable food and agriculture systems and is an essential component of the growth of the food movement as a whole. GRACE works closely with SAFSF to expand their reach and influence, and focuses on exposing other donors to innovative partners and initiatives, along with showcasing new and interesting projects.


Funders for Regenerative Agriculture (FORA)

Regenerative agriculture is one of the most promising approaches to immediately addressing the planetary emergency we are facing from a changing climate, water scarcity, food insecurity, floods and fires, economic and social inequality, systems collapse, loss of countless species and rising political unrest. Regenerative agriculture provides ample, nutritious food; improves local economies equitably; builds soil fertility; restores biodiversity, water cycling, and water quality; and uses natural processes to achieve climate stability by restoring carbon and other nutrients to the soil.

FORA was created to fast-track the emergence of regenerative agriculture, soil and working land systems and to inform, educate, organize and provide collaborative opportunities in support of regenerative agricultural systems in North America.


Health and Environmental Funders Network (HEFN)

HEFN supports and grows a community of grantmakers to build knowledge, leadership and power for environmental health and justice and works to mobilize solutions-based philanthropy. GRACE works with HEFN to advance programming and strategy around the intersections of food, agriculture, environmental health and justice.


Health, Environment, Agriculture and Labor Food Alliance (HEAL)

Bringing together the various sectors of food and agriculture — farmers, laborers, food service and production workers — with agricultural policy experts and community organizers and activists, HEAL seeks effective policy change in our national food system, from the corner store to Capitol Hill. HEAL brings together food and farm justice groups to build collective power for transformative change.


Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA)

EGA works with members and partners to promote effective environmental philanthropy. GRACE staff have served in various volunteer capacities for EGA.