Partner Support

We believe that philanthropy is most responsible when it creates empowered and enduring organizations. GRACE works with organizations to identify and provide support where it can be most effective, including professional development and capacity building. These relationships deepen our understanding of complex issues in the food system, as well as of the broader movements we seek to cultivate.


We work with organizations to improve their communications capacity, whether it be branding and marketing, media placements, IT and design support, or editorial work. We also leverage our communications expertise, resources and networks to increase the reach and exposure of their messaging.

Strategic Planning and Convening

GRACE looks for unique, targeted opportunities to play a catalytic role in strategic planning which allows the organizations we partner with to have vital, facilitated conversations and the opportunity to dive deep and think big.

Other Support

We also support partners in their efforts towards creating sustainable and pragmatic solutions to our most pressing food system issues through media, culinary arts, policy work, science, agriculture and more.

Groups and organizations GRACE has worked with include: